Every business has essential people that help to keep the office running smoothly. Although quality frameworks and standards say this shouldn’t be the case, sometimes it’s just unavoidable. It could be the person who knows how to deal with a specific printer’s tantrums and fix its paper jams. Sometimes, the front desk staff comes to the rescue by always having extra toner cartridges under their desk.

Over time, an office becomes a living organism, with each employee playing a role in the company’s success. Staff who go beyond the call of duty may become essential, but they usually suffer for their dedication. What happens that one time that there’s no spare toner at the front desk? Who’s to blame? If things go wrong, employees may blame someone who was just trying to help. Automatic Supplies Replenishment (ASR) can reduce the company’s reliance on these individuals.

What Is ASR and Where Did It Come From?

ASR helps companies to monitor their devices and receive essential supplies before they run out. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) noticed that their devices needed tools that could track the amount of ink left in a machine, and notify them to ship new supplies. The same service is now available from companies that use remote device management tools to keep track of ink levels.

With remote monitoring, the ASR Company can also track the printer or copier duty cycles and schedule a device service when it’s due. This will help prevent that temperamental printer from experiencing so many paper jams. ASR is a great way to reduce stress on employees and improve the company’s business processes.

Biggest Benefits of ASR for Businesses in Canada

Firstly, using an ASR service provider will reduce the stress on the company’s employees. Struggling with a printer just before a meeting only to discover it’s out of toner can put a lot of pressure on an individual. If an employee cannot print the minutes of the previous meeting, it can cause major time delays. The person may reschedule the meeting for later that day and run out to buy a new toner cartridge from a commercial retailer.

Now the company had to pay a premium price for their toner. The delay also disrupted a group of employees’ daily planning. If it involved any external visitors like customers, the reputational damage would be severe. The company could have avoided these issues using an ASR solution. The supplies would have been readily available, the meeting would start on time, and the person who arranged the meeting wouldn’t be out of breath or embarrassed.

Why Stop There? Managed Print Services to the Rescue

For even greater cost savings, the company can opt to make all of its printing woes the responsibility of a Managed Print Services (MPS) company. The same tools and technologies that make ASR possible enable MPS companies to take complete control of the organization’s entire printer fleet.

It’s common for companies of any size to lose track of their printing operations. If the company isn’t tracking their costs accurately, it’s more than likely they suffer from wasteful practices. An MPS company will ensure the organization can track every print job to the exact user and device. If the company notices a spike in usage, it can establish a print policy that reduces misuse and limits its users.

Benefits of MPS for Canadian Companies

Besides preventing employees from printing personal material on office printers, an MPS model brings additional benefits to organizations. For one, devices will operate reliably as the MPS company will conduct necessary maintenance, servicing, and repairs. The company can also track their usage and set a consistent budget for printing and copying costs accurately.

The company can also consolidate their fleet of devices and replace them with modern, energy-efficient Multi-Function Printers (MFPs). Just imagine the delight a new MFP will bring to a group of frustrated employees. Companies that provide MPS solutions also have access to other productivity tools that can improve business processes. With document management systems, collaboration tools, and cloud storage solutions, partnering with an MPS provider can rejuvenate the entire office’s workflow.

Automatic Consumable Fulfillment with First Phase Data’s MPS Solutions

First Phase Data can assist companies in Canada with all their printing needs. With ASR, MPS, and printer or copier leasing services available, First Phase Data will help organizations gain control over their printing operations. First Phase Data will assess the current print environment and recommend the necessary changes to rein in costs. Depending on the company’s needs, First Phase Data provides comprehensive print and supply management services that will allow employees to enjoy their coffee break in peace.

To request an assessment of your company’s ASR or Managed Print Services requirements, get in touch with one of First Phase Data’s friendly agents today.

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