Every step of the manufacturing process requires oversight and control to ensure product quality. While manufacturers today leverage technologies in new and innovative ways, they also need to look for ways of streamlining operations for greater efficiency. As the world continues to shrink and the global village keeps growing, manufacturers need solutions that drive productivity, enforce consistency, and keep products rolling off the production line.

A Document Management system (DMS) has become vital for increased oversight and control in the manufacturing industry. Many firms who have implemented a DMS attest to the system being one of the best business process improvement examples in the modern manufacturing landscape. It helps companies regain oversight and control over their workflows, ensures fast and accurate access to crucial information, and automates many of the menial tasks associated with information processing.

Benefits of a DMS for Manufacturing Companies in Canada

Changes are a regular occurrence in the manufacturing sector. Companies need to perpetually review their tooling, technology, distribution channels, and upstream supply chains to remain competitive. As consumers continuously expect better products at better prices, a business’s line management needs to stay ahead of the latest trends. This is where a DMS is helpful as it provides a single source of truth when making critical and quick decisions.

What is a Document Management System?

A DMS is an electronic repository of all the documents processed, generated, routed, and retained in an organization. The digital files enable teams to quickly search and retrieve specific information while carrying out their duties. As manufacturing requires a large number of records, specifications, order slips, quality assurance certificates, and more, the overhead that comes with manual systems simply isn’t sustainable.

Modern Document Management systems take the hassle out of managing large sets of documents by streamlining the information flow throughout the facility. From the factory floor to the management office and accounts payable department, a DMS will reduce the burden on staff and ensure faster turnaround of the production cycles.

Streamlining Operational Processes and Increase Facility Oversight

If production managers regularly have to wait for approvals before starting manufacturing lines, the company is losing money while incurring higher costs. Every moment the factory floor isn’t humming is a missed opportunity for revenue generation. A DMS allows the company to streamline operational processes with the fast and accurate routing of information. Once the approval comes from line management, it’s instantly available to the production manager. Production meetings also run smoothly as the team will have access to the latest accurate information.

Automated workflows help keep the flow of information between the different departments and employees accurate and efficient. If an issue occurs, the team can study the historical records to make the right decision before proceeding. Workflows ensure the company executes the process consistently and accurately every time.

Improve Information Security and Demonstrate Compliance

Manufacturing firms manage a lot of Intellectual Property (IP). With a DMS, they can ensure confidential information remains secure without compromising their productivity. Document Management systems help firms apply Access Control Models that safeguard their sensitive data using encryption. By keeping critical information out of the hands of unauthorized employees or visitors, the company can rest assured details of their latest product launch wouldn’t be compromised.

Similarly, the cost of complying with federal and local regulations decreases with a DMS. With the automated workflow controlling the flow of information through the company, an audit trail is available and the company can verify that no one disseminated information without their prior, express approval. If any issues do come up, a quick study of the document’s history will lead them straight to the culprit.

Greater Integration with Manufacturing and Design Systems

Modern document management solutions have advanced integration capabilities with existing engineering and design systems. Resolving issues in the manufacturing process with the engineering office is quicker and easier using a DMS and collaboration tools. From generating the design and assembly drawings to executing quality checks and registering defects, it’s easier with a digital solution. The different team members also have access to information from any connected device, including mobile phones.

With more electronic information available from a variety of sources, the manufacturing company has better insight over their operations. The analytics and metrics will provide accurate information that will improve the company’s ability to plan for inventory and forecast market shifts in the future.

Revamp Your Manufacturing Operations with a Document Management System from First Phase Data

First Phase Data provides a range of digital solutions and document management systems that drive operational efficiency and improve a manufacturing company’s productivity. Since 1983, First Phase Data has been a leader in helping organizations leverage technology for their company’s benefit.

For a comprehensive assessment of your manufacturing company’s needs while developing your Document Management System in Canada, contact First Phase Data today.

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