The incredibly popular mobile game, Pokémon GO, has been played by people all over the world ever since its public release by creator Niantic in July 2016, a release that topped the charts and broke records for the most game downloads in a week.

With augmented reality at the heart of the game, players can move through the real world capturing Pokémon, collecting Poké Balls to help catch them, and retrieving Pokémon eggs for dynamic and lively gameplay.

While finding and collecting these characters is exciting, the real fun starts once a player has developed a Pokémon collection. At this point, the play can get social and players can travel to a Pokémon Gym to battle for control, special Pokémon  and earn Poké coins.

In an exciting move for us, Pokémon GO’s parent company, Niantic, has chosen First Phase Data as one of the first sponsored Pokémon Gyms so we can be part of bringing the thrill and adventure of the game to Canada.

What Happens at a Pokémon Gym?

Surprisingly, the average age of a Pokémon GO player is 33, with 71% of them living in a household with kids and 41% of them being women. Regardless of age or other demographics, all players can get together and battle rival teams at a Pokémon Gym, each of which has up to six Pokémon defending it.

The opposing team brings their own Pokémon to the Gym in hope of defeating the “home” team and claiming control of the Gym. Battles are influenced by each Pokémon’s Combat Power and Hit Points, which are reflective of each character’s attack strength and overall health.

Motivation also figures into the equation, with each Pokémon’s motivation strengthened by battle wins and weakened by losses. As a Pokémon loses more battles, its motivation to defend its Gym is also weakened, making it easier to overcome by rival teams.

To defeat a Gym with powerful Pokémon defending it, players can work with multiple Trainers to multiply their strength. During a battle, the Pokémon assigned to the Gym the longest will go into battle first.

If you participate in a battle, defend a Gym for a specific period of time, or give Pokémon treats at the Gym, you can win badges that recognize these achievements. Also, Poké Balls, Potions, and more can be retrieved at Gyms by spinning the Photo Disc.

How First Phase Data Got Involved

Niantic has a heart for local businesses and created a program to help bring communities together to support them in this time of hardship caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

To do this, they created a program that allowed Pokémon GO players to nominate beloved small and local businesses to take part in Niantic’s innovative initiative for Local Business Recovery.

The program provides support and promotion for each of 1000 nominated businesses that will become a sponsored Pokémon GO gyms for an entire year — driving foot traffic to their brick-and-mortar sites and assisting in their recovery.

First Phase was nominated and our nomination was accepted by Niantic, clinching our title as one of the first sponsored Pokémon GO Gyms to open in Canada, and bringing the exciting and dynamic gameplay possible only in a Pokémon GO Gym to the Canadian public.

With over 38,000 businesses nominated and in the running, we are thrilled to be one of the 1,000 finalists!

The First Phase Data Pokémon Gym — Come Play with Us!

At First Phase Data, we are excited to be included among the fortunate small and local businesses benefitting from Niantic’s Local Business Recovery Initiative.

We have always had a big heart for our local community, and we are humbled and honored that our local community loves us right back!

Not only will we be able to serve as a Pokémon Gym, but we can reach out to nearby players, take part in a number of in-game events, and participate in other exciting features as Niantic brings them online.

Download and play Pokémon Go!



We hope you’ll bring your Pokémon GO team to our new Gym this year and have a fun and friendly battle for control. Contact First Phase Data today to get directions to our location — we hope to see you soon!