It sounds simple — and it is. But document capture has the incredible power to transform the way that your company does business, opening up avenues for increased productivity, reducing errors, and providing a level of efficiency that drives revenue.

And with COVID-19 causing widespread changes in business processes, there may be no better time than now to go paperless.

Why? Because paperless operations can save your organization time and money — two things that are critical for continued success in a post-COVID environment.

Here are just a few advantages of a paperless environment:

  • Critical business processes can be accelerated and optimized
  • Money is saved on storing paper-based documentation
  • Documents and information are accessed faster and easier
  • Editing, archiving, and distributing information is less costly and faster
  • Documents are more protected from loss and theft

With just a few simple tools — scanners and document management software — your business can get started managing business processes and optimizing information sharing for a new and better perspective on managing day-to-day tasks.

Why Document Capture Matters

In a nutshell, document capture refers to scanning paper-based information like contracts, receipts, proposals, and invoices and turning them into electronic documents.

With post-COVID changes accelerating companies’ need to move toward a digital transformation, more emphasis has been placed on transforming paper data into actionable information that will optimize workflows.

Scanners typically use optical character recognition (OCR) technology to scan documents quickly and easily.

OCR is a type of software that analyzes the printed text of paper documents and turns it into a digital format easily processed by a computer. Once the text is machine-readable, your document can be archived by keywords or key phrases, edited, compressed, zipped, and manipulated in many ways.

One of the most critical things you can do with an OCR-scanned digital document, however, is manage it.

The Continuing Importance of Document Management

Document management is a top-level tool for successful and efficient companies. It completely replaces the arduous task of filing, storing, retrieving, and managing paper-based documentation with a functional, fast, and simple digital system.

Other benefits include:

Better Security

Document security is more important than ever now that hackers are zeroing in on smaller businesses that are theoretically less protected than their larger brethren.

Document management systems provide encryption, access management, monitoring, and auditing capabilities to amplify the security surrounding these pieces of digital information.

Paper data is much less secure and can be subject to theft, loss, or disaster, often without redundancies.

Easier Routing and Better Flow

With digitized documents, information can be accessed, forwarded, archived, and edited at the touch of a button, with audit capabilities so that each action performed on a document is noted and stored.

This allows a sequence of actions to be easily accessed and understood, making document revisions, or reverting to previous versions simple and secure.

Access from Anywhere

The ability of staff to access necessary information from anywhere — at home, at the office, or on-the-go, is essential in a post-COVID business world.

Remote work situations are on the rise and employees need to be able to retrieve documents quickly in order to stay productive.

A document management system can provide necessary access alongside security protocols that make it easy to track who is accessing information and put controls in place where necessary.

First Phase Data Can Assist Your Business with State-of-the-Art Document Capture and Management

First Phase Data has developed a strong partnership with innovators in the document management and capture industry.

We have access to the right equipment, software, and expertise to bring the ease, efficiency, and security of a cutting-edge document management system to your business.

Our team of experts will assess your current infrastructure, sit down with team leaders to uncover business needs and challenges, and create a custom-designed framework that will help your company step into digital transformation.

Using state-of-the-art tools and software, we can offer you the materials you need to take your archaic, slow-moving, paper-based processes into the 21st century. Your team will benefit from faster, easier information retrieval, streamlining critical workflows and optimizing business processes along the way.

Take advantage of the new, digital way of doing business. Contact First Phase Data today and find out how easy it is to transform your business using document capture and management tools.