Choosing First Phase Data as your document management partner gives you access to the latest technologies in document administration. We provide the equipment, infrastructure, and training necessary for offices to optimize their document processes.

Solving Business Challenges with Document Management

Organizations of all sizes need to keep productivity steady, even when dealing with peak periods, difficult customers, and other challenges. Employees need to be able to find and process documents in streamlined workflows in order to avoid preventable downtime.

For organizations without a managed document infrastructure in place, downtime includes lost time employees spend looking for documents and lost productivity due to poor workflow structure. It also includes the cost of duplicating lost documents, and the resulting reputation damage that follows when customers find out their requests were not processed.

Document digitization is an important part of implementing modern document solutions.. Automated inbound scanning with indexed headers and keywords makes it easy for employees to immediately access the documents they need. Compared to paper filing cabinets, cloud-based document management systems save significant amounts of time and money.

At First Phase Data, we help our customers optimize their processes using the most sophisticated technologies available and deploy solutions for document management and productivity. Our complete document solutions help your business recognize significant benefits including:

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In today’s competitive business environment, no office can afford to spend valuable time and resources on error-prone manual data entry for incoming documents. Trust our team to deploy, implement, and maintain the most comprehensive document solutions in Canada.

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