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The enterprise content management system ELOprofessional drives efficiency, provides transparency, and standardizes business processes. The solution for SMEs merges all business-relevant information and documents into a company-wide platform. Thanks to the intelligent ELO Analytics component, users with the appropriate permissions can easily evaluate data and information stored in ELO. Documents are filed in a logical structure and in compliance with retention requirements across the entire life cycle. ELOprofessional also offers numerous functions for storing data in compliance with GDPR. It is also possible to integrate additional modules, such as ELO Business Solutions, which are standardized, ready-to-use applications for a wide range of business scenarios, such as invoice management, contract management, or tools for HR. In addition, there are various components and interfaces with third-party applications available that can be customized to meet individual company requirements. Adaptable workflows streamline processes between departments and ensure that information travels easily within your organization. ELOprofessional also provides a range of options for mobile working. Our mobile apps for iOS and Android devices offer a convenient way to capture, access, and edit information as well as to trigger workflows or complete pending actions while on the go. The ELO feed provides yet another feature that promotes collaboration in the workspace. This chat-based tool enables employees to easily exchange information and documents within and across departments as well as to conduct polls.

You can find more information on ELOprofessional on the ELO website.


Different companies have different requirements when it comes to enterprise content management solutions. Whatever your needs, ELO has a tailored ECM solution that supports all your business processes. ELO offers a broadly diversified portfolio of solutions for invoice management, mobile working, ERP integration, solutions designed for specific application such as in legal departments, and much more.

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