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Managed Print Services from Oxygen Technologies enables Canadian companies to focus on their business instead of managing their printer fleets.

Developing a Managed Print Services (MPS) strategy enables businesses of all sizes to understand, manage, and streamline their print environment. At Oxygen Technologies, we have helped hundreds of clients improve their workflow efficiencies, reduce reliance on internal IT resources, and lower their printing costs by analyzing their printing environment and designing a solution that solves even the most complex printing challenges.

Our MPS solutions will help your business recognize
significant benefits including:

Our Approach to Solving Your Printing Challenges

All of our MPS solutions start with a print assessment. Our team will gather print data for a period of time and then analyze it to find opportunities to improve efficiency through better print fleet management and automatic consumable fulfillment. We’ll then meet with you to discuss the findings and develop a print strategy that meets your business goals and requirements.

We review our print assessments and monitor the results every quarter. This gives you insight into consumable costs, print asset downtime, and overall cost-effectiveness. When you partner with Oxygen Technologies, you can rest assured that you will have proactive management of your printing infrastructure.

All of our MPS solutions are uniquely tailored to meet your business needs
and include such features as:

Secure Printing

Send a confidential print job to a print device and use a pin code to release.

Printer Consolidation

Reduce costs by removing underutilized equipment.

Mobile & Cloud Printing

Allow employees to easily print from anywhere using their smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Job Accounting

Charge back and monitor printing costs to individuals or departments and control color or mono printing.

Increased Print Visibility

 With software solutions like PaperCut, you can monitor and manage copying and printing in your organization, giving you control over your costs and environmental impact.

Remote Management 

Take the burden off your IT department by allowing us to remotely manage your print fleet and individual devices and perform regular upkeep.

Automated Toner Fulfillment

With Automated Toner Fulfillment, we’ll monitor your supply levels remotely and send you more when we see you’re running low.

Fax and Scanning Solutions

Our faxing and solutions enable you to forward incoming faxes to an email address and scan documents directly to their file in the document management software – saving your business time and money.

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How Will Managed Print Services Improve
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